Our Style

At MediaMandy LLC, we want to be good humans. From our copy to our client management, we try to approach everything from an empathetic, warm perspective. We believe that marketing is an opportunity to share a brand’s successes with people that care about them. It’s not about controlling a user and pulling out a conversion, it’s about finding out who fans really are and the best place and method of communicating with them.

For these reasons, we do not obsess over growth. Sure, KPIs are vital to making sure clients are making a smart marketing investment, but we want you to know that marketing is a long game. We will set you up for long-term, scale-able success. We will not just hand you empty vanity metrics that will mean nothing in a matter of months.

This is all because we care. 🖤

MEdiaMandy started with just mandy…

then, as more work came, Mandy hired her talented friends. Seven years later, people are still using our teams.

We keep our website minimal. If you want to get to know Mandy and her team a little better, book a call or meeting on her calendar using this link