Pricing + Services


Social Media Services start at $60 an hour


Website Building

Variable hourly rate — We build a website for you catered to your brand and company goals

Social Media Management

$60/hr for management, $100/hr for creative and strategy — We create a calendar of social media posts, including the copy (writing) and creative (photos+video) most likely to attract your customers

Event Photography

$150 per hour of shooting — We show up to your event with a smile on our face, and interact with your event attendees until we capture a smile on theirs

Social Media Audit

Usually $600, FREE Right Now — We examine your online presence, from instagram comments to website UX and determine how effecting your online presence is for converting customers. We present our findings in a document and short video presentation.

SEO overhaul

$125/hour — We update your website and digital marketing efforts to contain the correct tags and keywords to be searchable in terms relevant to your business

Digital Project Management

$125/hour — Have an overwhelming digital projects you’d like so help managing? We love keeping things organized and are happy to jump in for you.

Creative Matchmaking

$100 per hired referral— We have a ton of creatives in our database and are happy to help you find the right gal for the job! All we ask is that you share the love and send us a little cash to keep the database up and running.


$200/hour of shoot — From YouTube videos to Facebook Lives to commercial productions, we can help with your moving picture needs

CMO Services

$3000 Monthly Retainer —Want someone to run your marketing from top to bottom? Many of our employees have done just that. Bring us onto your team for much cheaper than a full-time CMO, and see what creativity we can truly provide.