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Amanda “Mandy” Hoskinson

Amanda Hoskinson is a digital marketer by day, visual artist by night and a dog mom in every moment she can spare. Amanda came to Los Angeles from Long Beach, California to attend UCLA, and she’s in no rush to leave the City of Angels. Early in her career, Amanda was hired as the second-ever social media manager for UCLA’s marketing team, where she co-launched UCLA’s Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more. Her time launching a large, public-facing brand made her fall in love with digital marketing and community management. 

Following her time with @UCLA, Amanda’s work took her to LA2028, the successful initiative to bring the Olympics to Los Angeles in 2028. Afterwards, she worked with Apple, Fox, and CBS. 

As she gained more experience in the digital realm, she took on a nickname, MediaMandy. Like many marketers, MediaMandy occasionally took small jobs on weekends and evenings, building a roster of clients who hired her. Her network grew, and her clients became more diverse. As time went on, those clients began asking for additional services like photography, videography, analytics, print marketing, design, and more. Within a few years, MediaMandy had too much work on her plate, and left CBS to work solely for her boutique marketing agency…you guessed it… MediaMandy Agency. 

Amanda serves on the board of the Social Media Club of Los Angeles and TogetherDigital Los Angeles. 

You can find her on most social media platforms as @MediaMandy

You can learn about her 7 poetry books, photography and stubborn chihuahua at

Finally, you can discover more about the MediaMandy Agency at

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